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a studio tour!



No more dragging bags of supplies between corners of my little overcrowded flat, squeezing into whatever space I can find and driving my husband mad with enormous boxes filled with envelopes. Because I have a studio!

I've been here three weeks now but I already feel like it's made a huge difference. Working from home, for me, was full of distractions. I constantly felt like I should be doing the laundry or cleaning the bathroom in between mammoth painting sessions, or taking hour long snack breaks to catch up on whatever nonsense Holly and Phil were talking about on This Morning.

Plus it didn't matter what time I started doing work, I never felt like I was finished. I'd carry on working long after David had gone to bed and still feel as if I hadn't really done anything.

Now that I'm working away from home, there is a huge incentive to get things done as quickly as possible so I can get home and relax. That means more focus, which is super important for a messy, tangled, scatterbrained mind like mine!

So a few weeks ago I scheduled an Ikea delivery (a dream come true, seriously) and filled up the back seats of an Uber with my printer, tools, materials, and a box or two of packaging supplies. I painted the walls of my wee corner a bright, fresh white and built a shiny new corner desk and bookshelf. I put together a lamp and a chair, and it started to feel like home.

I'm still bringing bits and pieces from home as and when I need them, but the majority of things I use on a day to day basis are now here.

I have a wheelie vegetable cart (shout out to Little Nell for this ingenious idea!) for spare chain, backing cards, jewellery boxes and other miscellaneous packaging supplies. This was super useful back when I was working from home; I'd wheel it in between rooms to wherever I could find the most space!

I don't think I'm willing to risk putting shelves up on these walls, so I found this desktop shelf thing which is now hard at work holding all the super essential things I find myself constantly reaching for: jewellery findings, paints, pens & packaging supplies! It kind of annoyed me that it didn't come in white to match the desk, but this soft grey is still pretty.

This bookcase is absolutely enormous. Way bigger than I thought it would be! Probably should have measured the space first but it just squeezes in nicely. The bottom two shelves are for boring printer & office-y things (paper, spare toner, cables, lightbulbs) as well as various envelopes and flat boxes for shipping.

Next up are products that I've made in advance: I always keep a bunch of products on hand that are ready to ship, just in case something unexpected comes up and I'm unable to make things to order. This absolutely saved my life last Christmas, when I was totally snowed under and struggling to get enough sleep. I dread to think how I'd have managed to cope if I'd had to paint each necklace as the order came in!

For now the rest of the shelves are pretty empty, basically just a catch-all for random bits of paper and recycled bubble wrap that I haven't yet found a home for.

The walls are a work in progress too - at the moment, I have my weekly and monthly to-do lists at face height, with the space-themed backing papers I use for product photography above. Oh, and my favourite art print that we picked up at the HBO store in New York last month: Long May She Reign, the 'Beautiful Death' from Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 10 'Winds of Winter'. It took me AGES to choose, and now I'm after the full collection