Home inspiration: modern bohemian bathrooms

I never thought I'd want to buy my own house. I always thought I'd want to drift from place to place, unable to tie myself down to one city, one building forever. 

How times change! 

I think I've grown up a lot in the past few years, and now I'm so ready to start nesting. We've been renting this flat in Edinburgh for over three years and while it's totally gorgeous (and an absolute steal) it's just full of stuff that isn't ours. All of the furniture is different colours and different styles, the walls and carpets are starting to look a grubby shade of magnolia, and there are so many random paintings, mirrors, vases and oddments that I've shoved into the little cupboard space we have because they're just not my style. That's not taking into account the chipped crockery and never-used small appliances in the kitchen. 

I doubt we'll be in the position to buy for at least another three years, so I'm venting my frustrations by compiling epic Ikea wish lists and lusting after dreamy homes on Pinterest (obviously). My current style of choice is a kind of modern vintage, minimal bohemian look: lots of greenery and wood, a few mismatching patterns and eclectic accessories but with a small colour palette. 

I love these oriental rugs! We have your standard boring bathmats, but this is such a good upgrade. And something we can do now, in our rental!

Even better - an oriental cushion! I don't know how practical this is, since I've tried bath cushions/head rests before and they never seem to work on me. I always get a sore neck no matter how I try and lie! But it adds visual interest to a pretty minimal bath. I love this bath caddy too, I'm definitely going to hunt on Etsy for something similar. Our standard metal one is so boring (and kinda rusty, gross).

These wooden boxes are great for storage, I like that they're quite tall so you can barely see all the clutter inside. We tend to collect bathroom clutter. We'll never be one of those couples that manages to colour coordinate their Pinterest-worthy bathroom products either! I also really like this botanical print. I long for a house filled with real plants and flowers but my husband is allergic to practically everything, so I make do with a few succulents and paper foliage left over from our wedding. I don't think paper flowers would do so well in a moisture-filled bathroom, but a print like this (in a frame!) would be a good compromise. 

There's quite a lot going on here, but I especially like the mismatched geometry - hexagon shelving, square picture frames, round mirror and cone-shaped lamp. I have some sweet hexagon shelves I bought from Etsy last year, I might move a couple into our bathroom and see how they go!

I was drawn to the colours here - black, white, with a splash of natural wood and greenery. Plus that floor tiling is gorgeous!

Another oriental rug! I can only dream of having a bathroom large enough with room for an actual tree, but I would basically move in here and keep everything as-is. Especially that stool in the shower! How do they keep the towel dry though?

This big mirror is dreamy. Great for tiny bathrooms like ours too, as it totally makes the room feel bigger. This tap is super cool too!

I love this standalone sink unit. And I love how all these bathrooms seem to have the same towels and Aesop hand soaps. I've got a type, apparently!

I couldn't finish without a bathroom featuring a gorgeous abundance of plants! This is just too awesome. I like the wee side table with books and a candle, too - I have to balance my candles on the corner of the bath and always forget to take them away afterwards so they fill up with water from the shower and go gross. Guess I'm not as grownup as I like to think.

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