November's birthstones: citrine + topaz

Traditionally, each month of the year is associated with a different gemstone. Some months, like November, get lucky and have two gemstones!

Those born in November get to enjoy both topaz and citrine, gemstones both known for their warmth and calming energies.


Some believe that topaz gets its name from the Greek name Topazios for an island in the Red Sea, where the yellow gemstones were famously mined. Others believe that it comes from the Sanskrit word meaning fire: in ancient times topaz was used to cure fevers and was thought to quell anger.

Topaz is actually available in many different colours. Pure topaz is colourless, and can be found as an inexpensive alternative to diamond. Blue topaz is rarely found naturally, but can be created by irradiation treatment. The prized Imperial topaz - named in honour of the Russian Czars in the 19th century - is a beautiful vibrant pink-orange colour.

Topaz is a very hard and durable stone, measuring 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it the perfect choice for everyday jewellery.

The topaz gemstone is a traditional gift for November birthdays and 19th wedding anniversaries (as well as blue topaz for 4th wedding anniversaries and Imperial topaz for 23rd wedding anniversaries) - as the stone that symbolises love and affection, it's easy to see why it's a popular choice of gift!

Topaz ring, £46


Topaz bracelet, £220


Topaz necklace, £43


Topaz earrings, £20+


Topaz ring, £39.75


The Jewelers of America added citrine to the official birthstone list in 1912. The gemstone is a kind of quartz that ranges from a pale yellow to brownish yellow in hue.

Citrine's name comes from the citron fruit because of its yellowish shades - in fact, pale yellow citrine resembles topaz so closely that the two have often been confused!

The yellow of citrine is caused by traces of iron found in quartz. This rarely occurs in nature, so most citrine is produced by heat treating other types of quartz. Some believe that all citrine began as amethyst, and that heat from molten rock changed it to yellow quartz, or citrine.

Citrine is a hard and durable stone, measuring 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a good choice for everyday jewellery.

Citrine is a traditional gift for November birthdays and 13th wedding anniversaries. The gemstone symbolises hope and strength and is said to promote good health: a beautiful meaning behind a beautiful stone.


Citrine necklace, £59


Citrine earrings, £207


Citrine necklace, £17.99+


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